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Enjoy your vacations in a wonderful place! 
Palekastro. Information, photos etc.
Crete University Press 
Cretan Vocabulary
On-line music scores (free) 

Linguistic: Greek related

About Greek fonts 
On-line dictionaries and translators: 
Google translator (multilingual) 
Day Translations (multilingual) 
Pathfinder Lexikon, English-Greek and Greek-English dictionary by - very good 
Lexikon by, on-line English-Greek and Greek-English dictionary - also good on-line multilingual translator, thesaurus etc
English Synonym Dictionary

Linguistic: General and Science related

Free translation on-line. Multilingual (no Greek)
Merriam-Webster's dictionary and thesaurus. (English-English)
Hyperphysics (dictionary of physics terms)

Science and Education

Web of Science 
Tables of physical data 
The NIST reference to constants, units and uncertainties. From the National Institute for Standards and Technology
Wikipedia - Free Online Encyclopedia
Physics Education Resource Guide
Latex help 

Travelling (on-line tickets, hotels etc) 

Booking The best for hotel booking  
Bookins by Aegean (book and earn miles) (find flights - including charter) Very good (find flights) Travel agency in Crete. Results depending on the time of the flight. 
Trip advisor Get reviews from travellers. Very good for travelling inside US. 
Orbitz User friendly, good prices.