At the limit between solid and gas phase, the clusters are an agglomeration of 2 to several thousands of atoms or molecules. They constitute a new class of matter whose properties depend on their structure and size. The Cluster Physics & Chemistry Laboratory activities target to understand the formation mechanisms, the stability and the structure of clusters and free biomolecules. The ability to produce free clusters of various compositions and sizes gives an excellent possibility to study the matter and also simultaneously opens the way towards the creation of new materials based on clusters, with interesting technological applications. To this end, we investigate the following topics:


 Generation and properties of gas-phase clusters, biomolecules

Stability & structure (geometric and/or electronic)


 Physical & chemical properties (optical activity, energy transfer, chemical reactivity)


 Nanostructured materials produced from clusters


The activities of the Cluster Physics & Chemistry Laboratory belong to the areas of Molecular Physics, Physical Chemistry and Materials Science.


Dr. Michalis Velegrakis

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