Dr. Ulrich Jonas
Director of Research (Level A)
Head of the BOMC Laboratory
Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)
Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser (IESL)
Bio-Organic Materials Chemistry Laboratory (BOMCLab)
Nikolaou Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton
P.O.Box 1527
71110 Heraklion
Crete - Greece

Tel.: +30 2810 39 1133
Fax : +30 2810 39 1305
E-mail: ujonas@iesl.forth.gr

Research & Lectures

Supramolecular structures and self-assembly of molecular layer systems. (link to PhD Thesis PDF, 3.1MB, in German)
Surface patterning with photoprotected alkylsiloxane layers.
Hierarchical colloid structures.
Synthesis and characterization of photoreactive molecules as optical switches.
Functional hydrogel layer systems.
Novel cyanate ester resins.
Semifluorinated alkanes at the air-water interface (structure and interfacial stress rheology).
Colloidal monolayers at the air-water interface (structure and interfacial stress rheology).

Lecture "Introduction to Surface Chemistry".
Lecture "Einführung in die Makromolekulare Chemie".

Scientific Background

1987-1993 Study of Chemistry at the University of Mainz

09/1990-02/1991 Stay at the University of California, Santa Barbara (USA) with Prof. Hans-Werner Schmidt and Prof. Paul Smith (scholarship of the DAAD).

Diploma in 01/1993 about "Supramolecular Structures with C60/C70 in Mono- and Multilayers" in the group of Prof. Helmut Ringsdorf at the University of Mainz.

Ph.D in 05/1996 with the dissertation about "Assembly and Investigation of Layer Systems Composed of Amphiphilic Fullerene Derivatives, Amphiphilic Triphenylene Derivatives and Self-Organizing Quaternary Nitrogen Compounds" in the group of Prof. Helmut Ringsdorf.

10/1994-04/1995 visit at the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, ETH-Zentrum, Zurich (Switzerland) in the group of Prof. François Diederich (syntheses of amphiphilic fullerene derivatives).

Postdoctoral research from 09/1996 to 12/1998 as visiting scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the group of Dr. Deborah Charych on colorimetric detection of DNA hybridization at surfaces of polydiacetylene liposomes and related molecular layer systems (with a Feodor Lynen fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation).

01/1999-03/2009 staff scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz in the groups of Prof. Hans Wolfgang Spiess (1999-2004) and Prof. Wolfgang Knoll (2004-2009).

06/2007-02/2009 affiliated scientist of the FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology- Hellas) in Crete, Greece, active in the Polymer & Colloid Science Group of the IESL ( Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser)

since 03/2009 director of research - researcher A level at FORTH / IESL. Head of the Bio-Organic Materials Chemistry Laboratory (BOMCLab).


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Former and Current Coworkers

Christian Krüger: PhD (1999-2001) "Kolloidale Organisation auf lithographisch hergestellten Silanschichten: Neue Möglichkeiten der Strukturbildung auf Oberflächen"
Achim Koch:
Diploma (1999-2000) "Synthese von henkelverbrückten Mesoionen"
PhD (2000-2003) "Synthese und Charakterisierung von Modellen für Photoschalter und elektronische Ventile"
Aránzazu del Campo Bécares: Postdoc (2000-2003) "a) Synthesis of Photosensitive Silanes - b) Dental Impression Materials"
Diana Boos: PhD (2001-2004) "Synthesis and Characterisation of Photoreactive Silanes for the Self-Assembly on Functionalised Silica Surfaces"
Rüdiger Müller-Seipel: Trainee (2001) "Synthesis of Photosensitive Silanes"
Esther Barrena Villas: Visiting Scientist (2001) "AFM Investigation of SAMs"
Silvia Schleidt: Diploma (2002) "Synthese und Charakterisierung von konjugierten Spinsondensystemen"
Petra Stegmaier: Diploma (2002) "Synthesen und Untersuchungen an Dithienylperfluorcyclopentenen als organischen Photoschaltern"
Charles-André Fustin: Postdoc (2002-2004) "Structured Colloid Crystallization"
Anne-Sophie Duwez: Visiting Scientist (2002-2003) "Chemical Force Microscopy"
Xiaosong Li:
Masters (2004) "Synthesis of Novel Silanes with Functional Head Groups, Surface Modifications, and Characterization"
PhD (2005-2008) "Synthesis of Novel Silanes with Functional Head Groups and Surface Modifications"
Jianjun Wang: PhD (2003-2006) "Colloidal Crystals: Preparation, Characterization, and Applications"
Patrick Beines: PhD (2004-2007) "Synthese und Charakterisierung einer Hydrogelmatrix für die Multianalyt-Sensorik"
Eric Hemesath: Visiting Student (2004) "Polymer Surface Structuring Assisted by Laser Printing"
Yun Chen: Masters (2004-2005) "Surface Patterning of PET Films"
Xue Li: Postdoc (2004-2005) "Surface Structuring with Block Copolymers"
Jocelyn Scheintaub: Visiting Student (2005) "Novel Elastomers for Microcontact Printing"
Qin Li: Visiting Scientist (2005-2008) "Colloidal Layer Systems"
Swapna Pradhan-Kadam: Postdoc (2005-2008) "Synthesis of Photosensitive Silanes"
Maria Gianneli: PhD (2005-2008) "Structure and Dynamics of Thin Anchored Hydrogel Layers by Fluorescence Correlation and Photon Correlation Spectroscopy"
Piotr Jacubowizc: PhD (2005-2008) "Hydrogel Application in DNA Isolation"
Marta Alvarez: Postdoc (2006-2008) "Physical Characterization of Photosensitive Silanes"
Nicolas Vogel:
Trainee (2006) "Cynate ester thermosets as PEEK Adhesives"
Diploma (2007-2008) "Heterogenstrukturierte, Ultraflache Oberflächen: Konstruktion und Anwendungen"
Basit Yameen: PhD (2006-2008) "Synthesis, Characterization, and Nanostructuring of Complex Polymer Systems"
Matthias Junk: Diploma (2006-2007) "Struktur und Strukturierung von thermoresponsiven Hydrogelsystemen"
Hatice Duran: Postdoc (2006-2008) "Sensor Application of Nanostructured Anodized Aluminum Oxide"
Markus Retsch: PhD (2006-2009) "Hierarchical Structures with Colloidal Systems"
Robert Roskamp: PhD - postdoc (2006-2010) "Synthesis and Characterization of Responsive Hydrogel Systems"
Nermin Oraktogen: Postdoc (2007-2008) "Hydrogel Systems for Paper Applications"
Annette Brunsen: PhD (2007-2010) "Dextrane-Based Hydrogel Systems for Sensing Applications"
Ilke Anac: Postdoc (2008-2009) "SPR/OWS Investigation of Thin Responsive Hydrogel Layers"
Christian Christopoulou: Masters (2007-2009) "Structure and Viscoelacticity of Semifluorinated Alkanes at the Air-Water Interface"
Alena Aulasevich: Researcher (2008-2009) "Hydrogel Application in Paper"
Eleftheria Antoniou: Postdoc (2009-2010) "2D Rheology of Semifluorinated Alkanes at the Air-Water Interface"
Christopher Klein: Postdoc (2009-2010) "FT Interfacial Stress Rheology"
Michael Kempf: Visiting PhD (2010) "Rheology of Branched Polymer Systems"
Laurence De Viguerie: Postdoc (2010-2011) "Interfacial Stress Rheology of Colloidal Monolayer Systems"
Nicolas Vogel: Visiting PhD (2010) "Structure 2D Rheology of Colloidal Monolayer Systems"
Anca Mateescu: Postdoc (2011) "Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polymer Systems"
Domenico Truzzolillo: Postdoc (2011) "Interfacial Rheology of Particle Monolayers"
Antigoni Theodoratou: PhD Student (2011-) "Interfacial Rheology of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers"