The Regular Membership of the Hellenic Society of Rheology includes those scientists and engineers and any interested professional whose work and interests lie within the field of rheology, and includes physicists, chemists, biologists, engineers, and mathematicians.

The annual dues for Regular Members are 15 EURO or $20 US fon non-European citizens.

Membership to HSR brings along:

  • Subscription to the Bulletins issued by the European Society of Rheology (ESR), once per year

  • Access to information related to past and future activities of HSR and ESR through a regularly issued Newsletter

  • Reduced fees for all HSR and ESR meetings, and

  • Access to the ESR database
  • Corporate Members (which include industrial firms, other organizations, and individuals who wish to foster the work of The Society) pay annual dues amounting to 60 EURO or $80 US.

    There are also categories for Student and Honorary Members. They receive all of the publications of The Society, but free of charge.

    The fee can be paid either by direct money transfer to one of the following accounts:

  • EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A.
    Ellinos Stratiotou Branch 151, Patras, Greece
    IBAN number: GR8402601510000110100246707
    Swift (BIC) code: EFGBGRAA

  • Bank of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus
    IBAN number: CY75 0020 0108 0000 0006 0020 7600
    Swift (BIC) code: BCYPCY2N

  • or by personal check (preferably for at least 5 years to make it worth the bank fees) issued to "The Hellenic Society of Rheology" which you can mail to:

    Vlasis Mavrantzas
    Dept. of Chemical Engineering
    University of Patras
    26500 Patras, GREECE
    Tel. +30-2610997398
    Fax +30-2610965223

    To apply for membership to HSR, all interested individuals and organizations are cordially invited to fill out the application form and mail it to any of the Society Officers.

    For more information, you can also contact the Treasurer of the Society.