6th International Meeting of the Hellenic Society of Rheology, 28-29 June, 2011

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The Meeting is organized by

The Hellenic Society of Rheology (HSR), in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FO.R.T.H.).

Hellenic Society of Rheology (HSR)

The Hellenic Society of Rheology (HSR) was established in 1996 by Greek rheologists residing in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. It is affiliated with the European Society of Rheology (ESR) and dedicated to the promotion of scientific activities and advancement in the fields of rheology and fluid mechanics.

Scope of the Conference

The Meeting is open to all scientists and engineers conducting research or interested in the field of rheology and fluid mechanics. The program will consist of oral and poster contributions.


Prospective authors are invited to submit a short abstract preferably by e-mail (max. 250 words), along with their preliminary registration, not later than December 15th, 2010. Notification of acceptance will be mailed by February 1st, 2011.


The Meeting will be held from Tuesday, June 28th, to Wednesday, June 29th 2011, at the NTUA campus, Athens, Greece. The NTUA campus is near the city center (5 km) and it is easily accessible

from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.


The registration fee will be 20 Euros (free for accompanying persons and students) to be paid at the Conference. It will include coffee breaks, book of abstracts and opening reception.

Persons interested in attending this meeting should send an email to the address: mitsouli@metal.ntua.gr

containing the following information:

  1. 1. TITLE & NAME


  3. 3. ADDRESS

  4. 4. TELEPHONE #

  5. 5. FAX #

  6. 6. E-MAIL


Important Notice:

A Conference of the Greek Association of Computational Mechanics (GRACM) takes place at NTUA, right after the HSR conference (June

30-July 2, 2011) (http://www.gracm.ntua.gr/).

Scientific Committee

A.D. Gotsis (Chair), Greece

A. Alexandrou, Cyprus

A. Beris, USA

G. Georgiou, Cyprus

S. Hatzikiriakos, Canada

V. Mavrantzas, Greece

E. Mitsoulis, Greece

D. Theodorou, Greece

J. Tsamopoulos, Greece

  1. D.Vlassopoulos, Greece

Organizing Committee

E. Mitsoulis (Chair), Athens

V. Mavrantzas, Patras

N. Pelekasis, Volos

G. Petekidis, Heraklion

D. Theodorou, Athens

J. Tsamopoulos, Patras

Ch. Tsenoglou, Athens

  1. D.Vlassopoulos, Heraklion


All correspondence concerning this Meeting

should be addressed to:

Prof. Evan Mitsoulis

School of Mining Engineering & Metallurgy

National Technical University of Athens

157 80 Zografou, GREECE

Tel: +30-210-772-2163

Fax: +30-210-772-2251

E-mail: mitsouli@metal.ntua.gr


  1. www.ntua.gr

  2. www.tuc.gr

  3. www.iesl.forth.gr

  4. www.upatras.gr

  5. esperia.iesl.forth.gr/~hsr/HSR.html

First announcement

Date: 28-29 June, 2011

City: Athens

Venue: National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Deadline: January 31, 2011 for abstracts


• rheology and rheometry

• soft-matter rheology

• polymer melts and solutions

• structure and dynamics of polymers

• colloids and suspensions

• molecular modeling

• numerical simulations

  1. experimental, theoretical & computational fluid dynamics